Tool Critique-Canada Kissing Map


The purpose of this tool is for Canadians to share their kissing stories and pin the locations on Google map. The posts are anonymous, no more than 500 characters and encourage users to creatively describe their most memorable kisses. The site outlines the different type of kisses with a variety of coloured push pins. For instance, a green pin is a first kiss, a blue pin is a last kiss, a red pin is a hot and heavy kiss, a yellow is a friends and family kiss, and a purple pin is all other kisses.kiss-map-toronto-558x372The map was born out of a desire to share the most memorable kissing locations in Toronto, Ontario. Chris Kay Fraser started the map after reflecting on all of her memorable kissing locations in the City of Toronto. After her initial post, the map went viral, and it quickly became clear people across the world wanted to share their stories. The map now features national and international kissing stories.

The layout of the website is not overly crowed with advertisements. The overall look of the website is pleasing to the eye, easy to navigate and provides basic information on the concept. Another great feature is the simple instructions on how to use this creative writing platform. The only downside is the instructional audio file is currently unavailable.

The site provides clear and simple instructions on how to post, and in five simple steps one can post a kissing story. Another weakness of the tool is the lack of contact information available to the users. The only section that allows users to contact the system administrator is by applying to sponsor the website. However, the site is regularly updated and the latest posts are featured on the main page. Finally, users are able to post national and international kissing stories and locations.

I feel like this tool is a great opportunity to practice creative writing skills and anonymously share. It’s cute and appealing because everyone has a kissing story to share, and the anonymity allows for creative freedom. As part of my evaluation of the tool, I decided to post my own kissing story. If you wish to join me here’s a link to the site: Snip20150603_6

P.S. This tool reminds me 0c41e2d24d1b534c16631cf40f7ae427of the Paris Bridge’s Love Locks where lovers attach a pad lock with their inscribed initials to the bridge and throw the key into the Seine river. Très romantique! Unfortunately, this will no longer be possible as the locks are being removed due to the weight causing a panel of the bridge to collapse. For more information on this story, please visit the link below to the New York Times article.

Never fear! Parisian Officials have created solution to this issue with a site for lovers to share their love by posting pictures on this website: I’m still nostalgic for the lock and key gesture and I don’t feel the alternative is very romantic. Perhaps Paris Official should have looked at the Canada Kissing Map for inspiration.