Blog Post Response- DH Newbie


I’m in my sixth week of my Digital Humanities (DH) class #LIS9372 and I’m still not quite sure about DH. During my search for this week’s assignment, I came across an interesting blog. This blog/vlog post by Tom Scheinfeldt was helpful for a beginner in the field. In his blog/vlog titled “Getting into Digital Humanities: A top-ten list”, Tom discusses his suggestions on how best to approach the field.

Here’s his list below: (my comments are in blue)

10) Enter the circle (read, tweet, blog)My professor strongly agrees and has created assignments around this suggestion.

9) Start with partnersSymbiotic relationship

8) Attend THATCampConnect at conferences

7) Write grants, not papersPotentially my last assignment

6) Release early and oftenDon’t be shy

5) Stop worrying about the definition of DHEasier said than done

4) Digital is always publicOpen access…interesting

3) Must. Try. New. Things.-Done, done and done! I’m tweeting which is very new for me!

2) Break somethingThat shouldn’t be too difficult!

1) Lather, rinse, repeatOk!

Tom goes into great detail on the best ways to approach DHas a beginner. I found his post to be helpful and encouraging from a newbie perspective. I think my professor and he must seem to be on the same wavelength in regards to being active on Twitter and blogging to connect with the DH community. His most refreshing statement was “Stop worrying about the definition of DH”. Sometimes, I feel that I struggle with the concept and definition of DH. I’m aware that this is an ongoing discussion in the community but from a beginner’s point of view, a tangible definition would be helpful. However, I’m aware that DH is not something you can put into a box and label. DH appears to be an ever growing and evolving field of study. I imagine by the time everyone involved in DH agreed on a definition it would be irrelevant. Here’s a link to the blog/vlog:

I hope this blog post helps other newbies find some comfort and clarity with the DH field.



Here are few DH blogs that might be helpful. (Regularly updated with interesting and relevant DH content) (Information based blog) (Eclectic DH blog)

Image Source: Alter, Tony (2013). Symbiotic Relationship. [Online image]. Retrieved from


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